Composite Fillings

Composite Fillings in Troy

For patients experiencing tooth damage or decay, a filling is their best option. Fillings prevent further decay and restore teeth back to their normal health.  At Madany Dental, we offer composite fillings that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional. 

Why Composite?

Dr. Madany chooses composite fillings because they are the best choice for restoring tooth function and aesthetics.  
Composite material is a combination of plastics and fine glass particles that are mixed to match the color of the teeth. These types of fillings work best on visible teeth, commonly referred to in dentistry as the “Social Six”. 

Composite fillings are directly bonded to teeth and require the minimal removal of tooth structure. Amalgam fillings require additional drilling of the tooth and their silver color contrasts sharply with the natural pearliness of your teeth. People can preserve their natural tooth structure and appearance with composite fillings. 

A Simple Procedure 

Decay and trauma can cause pieces of teeth to break off from its structure. When this happens, the dentin layer is exposed and thus poses a great risk for infection. It’s best to replace this lost tooth matter as soon as possible, for health as well as aesthetic reasons.  

When Dr. Madany places a composite filing, she does minimal preparation to the teeth. This includes cleaning and drying, but no uncomfortable drilling. The composite solution is blended to match the surrounding tooth structures in color and opacity. 

After the filling is bonded and secured, Dr. Madany polishes the tooth for a lustrous appearance. With proper care, patients can expect up to 12 years of service from their fillings. 

Caring for Your Filling 

Teeth treated with fillings require the same daily maintenance as regular teeth. Twice daily brushing, nightly flossing, and mindful eating habits will ensure the health of your filling. Try to treat issues like bruxism before they progress into tooth damage. 

See your dentist as soon as possible if you notice the following developments in your filled tooth: 

  • sensitivity 
  • cracks 
  • missing pieces 

For Composite Fillings in Troy, Choose Madany Dental 

Dr. Jim Madany chooses composite fillings to give his patients the best restorative dentistry has to offer. At our Troy, Michigan practice, we implement this philosophy in every aspect of our services. Visit us to experience our dedication to dental excellency. We look forward to working with you!


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