Same Day CEREC® Crowns in Troy by Madany Dental

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When you need to preserve the health of your teeth with a cap or require other types of restorative care, it’s beneficial to find a practice that can provide results in the span of a single appointment. At Madany Dental, we provide same day crowns for our patients in Troy. These restorations, crafted by our state-of-the-art CAD/CAM CEREC milling machine, are designed to blend seamlessly with the rest of your smile.

If you’re in need of quick yet quality crowns, contact Madany Dental in Troy today to schedule your appointment!

How We Provide Same Day Crowns

Dr. John Artemenko and the team at Madany dental utilize a reliable CEREC milling machine to produce porcelain restorations that help patients restore the aesthetics and function of their smile. Temporaries are commonly issued to patients who need crowns to protect their exposed teeth while a permanent restoration is being made, but this is a concern not shared by our patients. 

Our system allows us to fit our patients with functional restorations that will allow them to chew and smile comfortably without having to worry about fracturing or losing a temporary. And instead of taking your dental impressions with messy materials, we take digital impressions that are clean and convenient. CEREC also features planning tech which enables us to provide and place crowns that will restore the uniformity of your smile.


Other Restoration Options

While we primary produce crowns through CEREC, we can also manufacture porcelain inlays and onlays. For patients with dental implants, we recommend restorations designed in our lab, since these types of crowns typically need a custom abutment. Our trusted lab can also fabricate bridges and dentures that will make full use of your implants and allow you to preserve the health and function of your smile.

The Benefits of Same-Day Dentistry

When you need crowns the wait times can vary greatly, depending on the circumstances. Producing a customized, fully functional crown through a lab can take two or three appointments; this downtime could instead be spent addressing other dental concerns. With same-day crowns, you won’t have to worry about potentially loose temporaries or having to rearrange your busy schedule. 

Schedule Your Appointment for Same-Day Crowns!

At Madany Dental  we work with patients to strengthen their smiles in a timely fashion. Whether you are addressing damage left by decay or need to preserve your tooth after a root canal, our CEREC crowns will allow you to function and smile with full confidence. Call our office in Troy today to schedule your appointment!



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