Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy in Troy

Root canal therapy is recommended by dentists when a tooth has advanced decay or serious damage. It restores health to the tooth and eliminates the need for tooth extractions. This procedure removes the damaged portion of the tooth and disinfects the tooth’s interior so it can be sealed and treated with a prosthetic crown. 

Dr. Jim Madany and his elite team at Madany Dental provide expert root canal therapy treatment with your comfort in mind. He keeps teeth healthy, beautiful, and functional for patients in Troy and the surrounding communities. 

Reasons for Root Canal Therapy

Advanced tooth decay, a cracked tooth, or damage caused by trauma can allow bacteria to permeate the outer two layers of a tooth and reach the tooth’s inner chamber, or pulp. The pulp contains nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissues, that, when infected, cause people to experience a toothache. 

If the infection is not treated, it can cause abscesses in the gums and infect neighboring teeth. Bacteria can also access the bloodstream and travel throughout the body, putting other vital organs at risk of infection. 

The Process of Root Canal Therapy Treatment

Root canal therapy removes the infected pulp to preserve the tooth and to restore its function. Dr. Madany accesses the pulp through an opening in the crown, then disinfects and seals the tooth. Afterwards, the tooth is capped with a life-like crown to protect it from further damage. 

Dr. Madany restores teeth after root canal therapy by either making a same-day CEREC crown or first taking an accurate impression of the tooth.  A lab custom designs a crown to the tooth’s original dimensions. Crowns are matched to the shade of neighboring tooth enamel, and they provide a restoration that is beautiful and undetectable. They also restore a tooth’s function with full chewing force.

Root canals are highly successful, and prosthetic crowns can last a lifetime with proper dental care. Regular brushing and flossing will keep the teeth and gums healthy, and routine visits to the dentist ensure that your crown remains in optimal condition. 

Contact Dr. Madany for the Expert and Quality Root Canal Therapy Treatment

If your tooth has experienced damage or you are suffering from a toothache, Madany Dental will see you immediately. Protecting your teeth and your overall health is our top priority. We relieve toothaches with root canal therapy that restores health and beauty to smiles in Troy and surrounding communities.


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