Smile Restorations at Madany Dental in Troy

young couple with healthy smileA smile sets a tone – it reflects what is going on inside a person as well as impacts what is going on outside. At Madany Dental, our restorative dentists in Troy work with each patient to give them a healthy, beautiful smile.

Restorative dentistry treatments allow Dr. Jim Madany to transform damaged teeth and diseased gums by utilizing state of the art technology and top-notch materials. As seasoned Troy dentists, they come along-side each patient to discuss all available dental solutions. Our practice puts a heavy emphasis first on the person, then on their mouth. 

Your Leading Restorative Dentists in Troy, MI

Oral health issues can be an indicator that your whole body is suffering. Whether you have gum disease, a broken tooth, a toothache or missing teeth, our restorative dentists can help. At Madany Dental, we care about the whole person in addition to their smile. If you have gingivitis, we will help restore your oral health and partner with you to help resolve the root of the issue.

In that same vein, we require a health history report to understand any preexisting conditions that may be contributing to your oral health. We feel that a good dentist takes all things into consideration when helping restore oral health. 

Some of our most common restorative dental treatments include: 

Composite bonding and fillings – Tooth-colored bonding resin can repair minor tooth imperfections while maintaining a natural look. For minimal damage, this restorative solution works great!

Crowns – A dental crown can be placed over a damaged tooth to save it. Many broken teeth can be saved with a crown, as well as teeth after root canal therapy. At Madany Dental, we are thrilled to be able to create crowns quickly with our CEREC machine. For patient convenience, a tooth can be prepped and crowned all on thesame day!   

Bridges – Bridges offer a solution for a missing tooth or several teeth. Porcelain dental bridges allow for a false tooth to be stabilized by utilizing neighboring teeth as anchors. 

3D render of dental implantsDental Implants – Dental implants are the most advanced treatment for missing teeth, and at Madany Dental, our Troy restorative dentists are thrilled to offer implant placement and restorations in one location. When an implant placement is needed, we schedule a local oral surgeon to treat our patients at our facility so they need only come here! Then Dr. Madany and Dr. Gaul will finish the replacement tooth implant with a crown restoration. 

Full and partial dentures – Some patients need multiple or all teeth replaced and choose dentures. Dentures can allow patients to eat more naturally and restore a natural looking smile. For added effectiveness, many patients opt to have their dentures stabilized by dental implants. When dental implants are used to stabilize dentures, it is commonly called an “over-denture.” Ask us about the many options utilizing as little as two or three dental implants to secure a full arch denture.

Root Canal Therapy – Some patients suffer from decay that has reached the root of their teeth. For these patients, a deeper filling procedure is needed. Most patients say that their root canal therapy felt much like getting a regular filling. We are gentle and great at administering a local anesthetic so our patients stay comfortable as we help restore their teeth to health.

Ready to make an appointment with a Troy restorative dentist?    

Our team of enthusiastic dental clinicians are here to help put a smile back on your face. Whether your needs are a standard composite filling or a full mouth reconstruction, we are here to help. Give us a call to schedule a dental consultation today.



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