Cleanings & Prevention

Your smile speaks volumes. Having a dedicated dental team to keep your smile looking its best helps you maintain a beautiful smile. Dr. Jim Madany and his team of dental care providers in Troy, MI offer gentle cleanings and preventive treatments that are sure to keep your smile healthy and attractive.

Schedule an appointment for you and your loved ones today for a comprehensive oral examination and hygiene treatment. 

Oakland County’s Finest Hygienists

Our office is home to a wonderful, caring team that is dedicated to helping patients. We commit our efforts to helping patients eliminate dental issues and maintain a positive outlook on their smile. 

Routine cleanings and thorough examinations are the backbone of dentistry. We use state-of-the-art technology to digitally map patients’ entire oral structure. Dr. Madany then offers a diagnosis of any existing issues and determines suitable treatment options to assist patients in recovering from complications or maintaining a healthy smile. 

At each examination, patients undergo minimal-radiation x-rays, a periodontal examination, and a thorough oral cancer checkup. We encourage patients to ask questions or voice concerns so we know exactly what their goals are in achieving optimal oral health. 

Routine cleanings at our office are easy and comfortable. We are gentle in our approach and compassionate in our care, making sure patients are happy with every visit.

Preventive Dentistry

While we do our best at keeping up with our patients’ oral hygiene whenever they come to our office, the time between visits are where most issues start. 

To prevent common dental issues, we offer preventive measures to encourage a healthy smile. Sealants protect teeth with deep fissures from collecting food debris. Since bacteria and plaque buildup can lead to decay over time, keeping the smile protected with sealants will encourage happy teeth. 

Fluoride is an active ingredient in strengthening teeth. Our office offers fluoride treatment to give smiles a boost of strength when enamel shows signs of weakness.

Personalized Treatment, Compassionate Care

Because we use the latest in dental technology, each appointment is streamlined for comfort and convenience.

Our patients enjoy visiting their friendly neighborhood Troy dental team, where we are committed to improving oral health. We make every experience with our practice a pleasant one, ensuring patients will want to come back as soon as possible for their next visit!

Call today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Madany, and a comprehensive cleaning and examination with our dental team. Our dental office serves patients throughout Oakland County. Visit our practice and experience the difference Dr. Madany and his team can make in your life.


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